Maternally Fit Privacy Statement

Collect, Use and Disclosure of Information

To enable Maternally Fit to provide optimal care for its clients, information about a clientís pregnancy and general health is required. This information is most commonly collected from the individual client, either via phone, email, in person or by completion of Maternally Fit forms. On occasion, information about a client is received from another source. Should this occur, Maternally Fit will ensure the client is aware that we have received this information.

At times it may be necessary for Maternally Fit to disclose a clientís health information to another health care provider. Should this be required, the clientís permission will be sought.

If client information is required for the purposes of research (scientific or marketing), the written permission of the client will be sought prior to the use of this information.

Client information will be kept as required by law following their last attendance at Maternally Fit classes.


Maternally Fit clients have the right to access their personal information. They may request to view their personal files or ask for a copy of these files. This includes personal details, health details, booking and attendance information, communication records and payments made.

If there is a cost incurred in providing this information, a charge may be payable. If a client finds that their information is inaccurate or incomplete, they may request an amendment to their file.


If you have concerns, questions or complaints about any matters relating to the privacy of your personal information, please donít hesitate to contact us at Maternally Fit.