Maternally Fit is proud to promote the following organisations

Exercise Balls

Escape Fitness supply us with the best fitballs around - the DuraBall Pro.  Ask your physio which size is best for you.

Core Wellness - Pelvic Floor DVD

Check our for a great DVD to help you with those pelvic floor exercises. 

The New Baby Company

The New Baby Company runs classes and one on one sessions covering all aspects of newborn care and management such as breastfeeding, handling, settling, sleep and routine.  See for details.


I really regretted not having nice photos of myself pregnant so second time around I had some done - Angela Barnes did an amazing job and I could not recommend her highly enough.  Very relaxed environment in her home studio and very reasonable prices.  See for details.

Women's Health Physiotherapy services

One of our physios, Rebecca, has set up her own mobile physiotherapy service, specialising in pregnancy, pelvic floor and general musculo-skeletal problems.  See for details.

Another of our physios, Charlotte, consults at Pools on the Park in Richmond, specialising in a wide range of conditions including pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain.  See for details. 

Cord blood bank

This is a new organisation, dedicated to promoting the benefits of cord blood banking.  Umbilical cord blood has helped children survive over 80 diseases including leukemia and lymphoma.  Their mission is to help others understand how they can benefit and help save the lives of sick children in need.   See for details.  They also have a free downloadable guide at that covers how cord blood banking works.