Company Values

At Maternally Fit we have a clear set of values, around which we base our classes and care for our clients


Safety is paramount at Maternally Fit. Classes are designed and conducted by Women’s Health Physiotherapists, with the safety of mother and baby at heart.


Maternally Fit knows that pregnancy is a different experience for every woman. Classes are tailored for the needs of the individual, taking into account fitness levels, health issues and individual exercise goals.


Maternally Fit clients do not just attend an exercise class – they have access to a qualified health professional with clinical experience in Women’s Health.

Continuity of Care

Maternally Fit keeps detailed confidential records of all members, including health and personal details, attendance at classes and any problems encountered. In this way, Maternally Fit can care for our members throughout pregnancy and beyond if necessary.

Exercise for Life

Maternally Fit not only wants to provide safe and effective exercise during pregnancy and the early post-natal period, we want to establish in each member a positive attitude towards exercise and help them create a life habit of physical fitness.